TUITION FEES for BA (Hons) degree course:

The Department for Education (and subsequently the Office for Students) requires Alternative Providers to undergo annual designation monitoring as a condition of continued designation. This allows students to access support from Student Finance (if their course started before September 2018). Any updates on our designation status will be communicated to Students. If you have any questions around designation, or would like to speak to us, please do not hesitate to get in touch.  
Student Annual Tuition Fee (2017-18) Future Annual Tuition Fee
Home / EU students £9,250 per annum (£6,165 of which is attainable via Student Loan should the student choose to apply)


It is likely that this level of fee will increase in line with the Government directives
European Economic Area students (Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Switzerland) £12,500 per annum It is envisaged that this fee will increase for subsequent years by at least the rate of inflation.



The full fee for all students for any of the Diploma Courses is £12,500 per annum. This fee includes private tuition in Singing and Acting for the Professional Diploma in Musical Theatre and dedicated dance classes for the Professional Diploma in Dance. MPA can offer reduced fees to those who successfully complete an application form to qualify for this. MPA makes the decision for any reduction based on all the information they have and this decision is final and at the discretion of the management.


The foundation course fee are £2750 per semester


Getting the most out of a creative arts education sometimes involves spending more than just the tuition fee. You will have books to buy, of course, as well as covering the printing costs for your research or written work. Sometimes you may need to travel to visit external specialist libraries or research centres and some of these may charge for the use of their facilities. Please note that further there will be additional costs associated with this type of practical training. Appropriate technical class wear, some make-up and smaller costume items (like stockings for the women and black socks for men) are all necessary to have in your ‘must have bag’. A set of good professionally shot photographs are also important and certain memberships of talent databases to allow yourself to be marketed professionally. It is also important that you keep abreast of developments in your chosen area of expertise and therefore it is expected that you will have first-hand knowledge of the Musical Theatre shows that are playing. On average these costs could add up to well over £500. per year.