Interview with MPA Graduate Josh Andrews currently appearing in the West End production of 42nd Street

If you had one word or sentence to describe why you should choose to go to MPA, what would it be?
Josh: Good, all round theatre training!

What was the main aspect that drew you to train at MPA?
J: The alumni. For what I wanted to do, I wanted to train where others like me had done.

What was your favourite aspect of training at MPA? (workshops, shows etc.)
J: I enjoyed Matt Mattox. Since leaving I’ve realised how much it benefited me. Other than that, having guest teachers come in for rep lessons was brilliant!

What experience stands out for you from your time at the college? (a particular workshop, working with a certain choreographer etc.)
J: My favourite time was our third year summer show and showcase. Doing a specialised show and then a showcase with great directors and choreographers is inspiring.

What has been your most stand-out memory since leaving MPA, and what do you see happening in your future?
J: My most stand out memory was going on tour with Swan Lake. Being in Australia doing a show I never expected to be in is my favourite memory. In the future, I don’t mind as long as I can hopefully stay employed. I’d like to do a play or a more singer based show, just putting it out there!

If you could give 5 of your best tips about training at MPA and being a part of the industry what would they be?
J: My five best tips would be…
1. Go to every available class and listen to everything the teachers say! Their knowledge is invaluable and you can never stop improving!
2. If you can do extra curricular classes like tumbling, then do it! It’s almost a necessity not a specialist skill nowadays.
3. Stretch as often as you can when you’re warm. Flexibility is becoming a standard now and anything that can help get you a job is worth investing in.
4. Be early for every class. Especially with outside choreographers. Your reputation is one of the few things that you have influence over in this industry so don’t mess it up by being late. 
5. Don’t forget to enjoy it! When you’re overloaded with information and technique it can be easy to not live in the moment and be happy!