Audition Dates

Saturday 7th December 2019

Audition Dates 2020

Monday 20th January 2020
Monday 3rd February 2020
Saturday 15th February 2020
Monday 17th February 2020
Friday 6th March 2020
Monday 16th March 2020
Monday 27th April 2020

Please note that, If the demand is extraordinarily high, we may schedule further audition days at a later date. The Directors, at their sole discretion, may consider late applications.

The Practical AUDITION for MPA
Criteria: Physical Talent, Performance Quality, Determination / Mental Suitability


Prospective students are invited to audition on a date suitable to them. We only audition in small groups of 12 to 15 students, so that each individual student can truly show their talent. All auditonees are asked to participate in the full day of the audition.
The audition consist of three dance techniques: ballet, modern contemporary dance and jazz dance. Dependant on the choice of course, Singing and Acting abilities are tested, either on an individual basis or as part of group workshops. Dance solos are not required. A short physical examination may follow. The audition panel will grade the students. The grading is simple and consists of the following marks:

Excellent ~ The student is able to display a skilful level of control and understanding of the subject being marked. A student must show commitment and respond immediately to direction.

Good ~ The student is able to demonstrate capable control and understanding of the subject being marked. The student must show commitment and respond easily and willingly to direction.

Satisfactory ~ The student is able to demonstrate sufficient control and understanding of the subject being marked. A student must show commitment and willingness to improve.

Poor ~ The student is unable to show control, even though there may be some understanding of the subject being marked. The student must be eager and willing to improve.

Fail ~ The student shows no control or understanding of the subject being marked. The student lacks willingness to improve.

The preceding markings are for technical merit. Markings for performance quality in each subject carry the same value. The successful candidate must have the majority of marks in the satisfactory category or above to gain entry to Millennium Performing Arts.

A tour of the school premises and a short talk by one of the management team is provided for parents / guardians. The students and families are invited to participate in a general open question and answer session. Occasionally the panel may request a private interview.

How to apply

You can submit an online application – Click here to access the Online Application form

Application Forms

If you wish to apply by post, please contact the audition secretary at or telephone 0208 301 8744
On receipt of your request, the audition secretary will email you a printable application form.

Overseas Auditions

If you are unable to attend a London audition and the school does not visit your country, we invite you to submit a video film of your dance and vocal ability accompanied by a current reference from your dance/theatre school. The video replaces the physical audition and the report will replace the interview.

Late Auditions

We are approached frequently by people who wish to join after the term has begun. An interview may be arranged at the discretion of the directors and he/she may be invited to join the school for a day of classes, after which it will be decided if the candidate is suitable and a place may be offered.