Interview with MPA Graduate Jasmine Leung

If you had one word or sentence to describe why you should choose to go to MPA, what would it be?
J: I chose to go to MPA as in the audition I felt welcomed by both the staff and the students. They truly knew how to put you at ease even in what can be a stressful situation.

What was the main aspect that drew you to train at MPA?
J: The Jazz technique they teach you, Matt Mattox. It’s so unique and requires huge amounts of core stability and strength which enables you to improve and transfer into other styles of dance.

What has been your most stand-out memory since leaving MPA, and what do you see happening in your future?
J: My most fond memory since leaving MPA has to be getting my first West end show, Carousel. It took my some time, however that phone call changed my life! I see myself continuing with Musical theatre for the foreseeable future, however after I have conquered my goals in the MT world I would like to move into film and TV work as I enjoy it immensely.

If you could give 5 of your best tips about training at MPA and being part of the industry, what would they be?
J: My top 5 tips for training at MPA and any other institute would be:
1. Work for yourself, don’t rely on others pushing you (even though they will)
2. Book in private lessons with your singing teachers, the group lessons are great however to specify what your voice needs is vital.
3. Work on your weakest points to enable you to come out well rounded.
4. Be kind to yourself and others.
5. Be yourself, it’s difficult in an industry where we are paid to be someone else, don’t lose sight of yourself.